Think safe. Work

safe. Live safe.

That's the Rosebud Way.

Safety is something we all take seriously at Rosebud, and that's how it should be. We've built this company around the quality of our people, and our future relies on keeping people safe.

At the Rosebud Safety Training Center, you see this in action. Employees from all over the company come here to learn the latest in safety techniques that they then take back to the mine. This centralized approach helps keep everyone on the same page and allows us to be as safe as possible.

Learn more about the history of safety training and mine rescue here - and see what we're doing today.


Safety training at Rosebud Mining.

At the Rosebud Safety Training Center, we try to follow a standardized approach to training. The vast majority of our employees are trained at the Rosebud Safety Training Center in Kittanning, PA.

New Underground Miners:

Rosebud Mining generally conducts 3 or 4 "New Miner" training classes a year. This is a "40 hour basic training" course that all underground miners receive before they assume their duties as apprentice miners at one of the 21 underground facilities we operate.

New Surface Miners:

Newly employed surface miners receive 24 hours of specialized training at the Safety Center as required by federal regulations. All new surface miners, surface construction, and preparation plant workers receive this training.

Annual Retraining, Underground:

Rosebud Mining conducts approximately 40 annual retraining classes per year. These classes are site specific to each mine. Each miner receives 8 hours of this training per year.

Annual Retraining, Surface:

Each surface miner, construction worker and prep plant worker receives 8 hours of annual retraining per year.

Supervisory Training:

Rosebud Mining offers at least 3 "Supervisory Training" classes per year. This is specialty training for all of the Supervisory personnel at all mine sites and preparation plants.

Emergency Medical Technician, Basic:

An annual "EMT Basic" class is offered each year to train employees who wish to become Emergency Medical Technicians. This course is offered one day per week for 19 weeks, and students are required to pass a PA State Certification test before they are permitted to assume duties as a certified EMT.

E.M.T. Continuing Education Classes:

Rosebud Mining offers a continuing education program in which all current E.M.T.'s participate. All card carrying Emergency Medical Technicians are required to log at least 24 hours of continuing education in approved courses. They must also be re-certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.

Other Training:

Rosebud's Safety Trainers routinely make trips to all underground, surface, and prep plant sites in order to conduct as needed specialized training. This could include rescue alternative training, Self Contained Self Rescuer (SCSR) training, or any mine specific training that might be needed.

Jake Wells
Safety Manager
(724) 545-6222 Ext. 380

Tanner Lowmaster
Safety Assistant
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