We hire the best.
And train them to be the safest.

As everyone at Rosebud Mining learns, we hire the best, safest people around. Why? Because you can't build a great company without great people. And when your people are your greatest asset, you make sure you take care of them.

We focus on our employees because they are the spirit that carries us forward into the future. Mining, processing and transportation is tough work. Their desire to do a great job and give each day their best effort separates our company from our competition - and has allowed us to grow.

That spirit is at the heart of the old-fashioned American work ethic and ingenuity that has driven our country for generations. It's what drives us today. And it'll be the driving force of our future as well. We are thankful for our employees' many contributions and efforts that result in the shared success of all of us at Rosebud Mining Company for many years to come.