knowing what's under our feet

Within Rosebud's area of operations, coal occurs as horizontal layers in the earth's crust between various types of other sedimentary rocks. The nature and distribution of the coal and other rock types determines the quality, quantity and mineability of every coal reserve. That's why it is critical for us to understand the geology of the area we are working.

To do that, Rosebud Mining maintains an extensive collection of computerized geologic data, including drill hole records, photographs and analytical data, numerous types of geologic maps and maps of operating and abandoned mines. We are also constantly updating our database with new drill hole and analytical records. Detailed analyses of all this data are used to define potential reserves, map geologic trends and determine permitting and mineability characteristics.

Our geologic personnel are also available to assist our active mining operations. In addition to defining reserve limits and providing various types of geologic maps to our active operations, our geologic staff assist with roof and ground stability control, quality control, safety concerns and other operations.