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Although Rosebud has a very strong reserve base that will support increasing levels of production for many years to come, we are always seeking to add to our holdings. The Exploration Department at Rosebud maintains an extensive database of drill hole records and other coal-related geological data, and we have an unparalleled knowledge of the coal geology of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. However, once a lease or purchase agreement has been signed between Rosebud Mining and a property owner or owners, site-specific geological data may be required for us to evaluate the quantity, quality and mineability of the coal underlying the property.

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Our primary method of data collection for reserve evaluation is core drilling. We operate two Atlas Copco CS-1000 surface coring drills year-round. As shown on the left, these rigs are mounted on a maneuverable, duel-axle truck that allows us to access drill sites with a minimum of surface disturbance. The innovative truck-mounted CS-1000 set-up was designed to our specifications and featured in Coal Age Magazine.

Prior to drilling, the location of and accessibility to drill sites are mutually agreed upon with the property owner. Since the drill requires water, which is used as a coolant for the drill bit, a water source will also be agreed upon with the property owner. This may involve pumping water from a nearby stream or pond, or hauling water from a more remote location on or off the property.

The drill retrieves two inches diameter continuous cores, which are laid out on the ground at the drill site. After geological data are recorded and samples are taken for analysis, the core will be removed at the property owner's request. Upon completion of drilling, the surface casing is removed and the entire drill hole is filled with cement, with the exception of the uppermost several feet that is backfilled with soil. The drill site is then cleared of debris and, if necessary, seeded with grass and mulched. Our goal is to completly erase our footprint.

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