Think safe. Work safe. Live safe.
That's the Rosebud Way.

We all know mining and trucking have reputations for being challenging businesses. But at Rosebud, we've been doing all we can to change that reputation since 1979. Think about it this way: when you dedicate yourself to hiring and keeping the best people, you're going to do everything in your power to take care of them.

Our Safety Policy

Rosebud Mining Company regards the safety and health of our dedicated and hard working employees to be a value that will not be compromised. It is Rosebud's policy to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees. This can only be achieved through intelligent action, cooperation, and an understanding of safe work practices.

Safety not only means compliance with rules and regulations, but also the development of personal work habits and practices that do not put ourselves or our co‚Äźworkers at risk. Safety and production must be an integrated process; therefore, no activity is to be deemed so important or urgent to justify the existence of unsafe conditions, acts, or practices.

We as employees have an obligation to ourselves, our families, and to those we work with to carry out our duties with the highest regard for the safety of ourselves and our fellow workers.


Cliff Forrest, President, Rosebud Mining Company, recently signed a pledge with the National Mining Association (NMA) to commit to a new program they have developed called CORESafety. The objective in using the following principles over the next five years is to reduce accidents by fifty percent and have zero fatalities at all coal mining operations in the United States.

The Principles

  1. Promote the safety and health of every employee, contractor, and visitor as a core value that is integrated into all areas of our business.
  2. Strengthen and promote safety, leadership, and responsibility among all employees.
  3. Improve safety performance by conducting an assessment of the organization's safety culture
  4. Assess risks and evaluate and implement appropriate controls to improve employee safety and health.
  5. Involve all employees in continuous improvement activities to enhance safety and health performance.
  6. Provide education and training to ensure employees are knowledgeable of potential work hazards, safe work policies, procedures and practices and their responsibility to personal safety and the safety of their co-workers.
  7. Provide the tools and training required for miners to operate all mines, plants, and equipment in accordance with federal and state safety standards.
  8. Engage in continued development and evaluation of new technologies and processes that will promote the health and safety performance of every employee.

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Rosebud's goal is to achieve an injury-free workplace. This requires a dedicated effort and commitment from all employees in order for us to reach that goal.

- Cliff Forrest, President, Rosebud Mining Company


Recent Awards

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