How we got here -
The Rosebud Mining timeline.

This is our timeline - a list of some of our most prominent achievements since 1979. What you don't see is the day-to-day dedication that takes place after the major achievements - the hours of training, the hard work, the professionalism. So while you review these achievements, keep in mind that this would be a much shorter list if Rosebud Mining hadn't gone out of their way to find the best people and give them the tools to do their best.

1979 /


Rosebud Mining Company
founded in East Brady, PA
1982 / Queenstown Coal Cleaning Plant acquired
1983 / First deep mine - Rosebud #1
1987 / Rosebud #3 begins operations
1992 / Roaring Run Mine developed: first time multiple Rosebud mines were in operation
1996 / Rosebud #2 begins operations
1997 / Tracy Lynne Mine begins operations
1998 / Dutch Run and Josephine #3 Mine begin operations
1999 / Armstrong Run Mine begins operations
2000 / Twin Rocks Mine begins operations
2001 / Stitt Mine, Clementine Mine and McVille Preparation Plant begin operations
2002 / Logansport Mine begins operations
2003 / Little Toby opens and Beaver Valley Mine purchased
2004 / Preparation Plants at Lady Jane and Logansport begin operation, Keystone East Mine begins producing, Rosebud Trucking begins operations
2005 / Tusky Mine purchased.
2006 / Penfield Mine and Mine #78 begin operations
2008 / Bigler Preparation Plant purchased, Tusky Preparation Plant begins operation, Toms Run Mine reopened, Lowry Mine opened, Darmac #2 Mine purchased, Hellwood Mine opened, Mine #78 Preparation Plant completed
2009 / Harmony Mine begins operations
2010 / Rosebud purchased most of the assets of Buckeye Industrial Mining Company in Eastern Ohio, completed the purchase of Parkwood Resources, Inc., acquired TJS Mining, Inc. and most of its affiliated companies
2011 / Action Mining acquired, Starford Mine begins operations, Long Run Mine begins operations

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